The Secretlab Omega 2020 has earned its place at the top of our best gaming chair rankings. We can confidently say that this is one of the most comfortable chairs in which we have ever reclined. We’re not simply going to tell you that something is “very comfortable”; instead, we’ll give you the lowdown on why you would want one.

Chairs for gamers that are only available from Secret Lab

Discreet Labs OMEGA


Although it’s been around for a while, the Secretlab Omega is still an excellent choice.

Visit Secretlab US and purchase an Omega.

Secretlab UK is where you can purchase the Omega.

It is with great pleasure that we report that the Secretlab Omega 2020 is among the most comfortable chairs we have ever occupied. It’s comfortable to sit in, and the slick wheels  ensure you won’t have to waste time trying to slide down your desk to retrieve anything, or turn around to have that inconvenient discussion while you get murdered in your game of choice.

Since Secretlab just introduced Titan EVO 2022 versions, you may get a good deal on the leftover Omega 2020 stock. Even after two years, the quality of these seats has not diminished. The ergonomics at Secretlab are top-notch; the chairs’ backs are designed to support your body’s natural alignment as you work. The Omega has few flaws that would warrant a return. The Titan Evo, which has lumbar support built in, is our top pick above the Omega 2020, especially if you are taller than average.

Even if you can’t get a Secretlab Omega 2020 in a plain, unbranded design just yet, they’re still one of our top picks. It’s important to look at the range of sizes they provide to ensure you choose the right one.

Titan Evo 2022 from Secret Lab

Visit Secretlab UK to purchase a Titan Evo.

Secretlab US sells the Titan Evo.

However, if you want to be ahead of the curve, the Titan Evo 2022 is a terrific option to think about.

In our review of the Secretlab Titan Evo, writer Dylan Horetski gushed about how well it fits and felt on the user’s posterior. The chair came partially built and seems straightforward to put into use.

The magnets embedded in the various components are a nice touch. No more fumbling with the bulky straps that usually come with these seats, and no more worrying about losing the different parts (like the cushion). Also, in case the chair arms show signs of wear and tear after some time, you can easily remove and replace them. Compared to the Titan Evo 2022’s slick magnetic mechanism, this is a huge improvement, since their prior generation of Titan Chairs had some splitting difficulties on the armrests.

Characteristics that stand out:

Extensive backward bending

The rocking tension is adjusted by a tilt mechanism.

Modifiable lumbar cushion depth

Arm rests with four pivot points


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Both seats provide a genuine, high-end feel.

Numerous styles to choose from

Countless adjusting features for optimum ease

Magnetic cushion attachment is a breeze with the new Titan XL Evo.


There are no magnets included with Omega’s cushions.

The price may seem high, but consider it an investment.

The Highest Quality, Most Reasonably Priced Gaming Seats

Nimbus X Rocker X

Slash Rocker X

Cheap and a console gamer? Try thinking about the Nimbus.

We have noticed that low-priced options for gaming seats are quite sporadic. We won’t discourage you from trying out less reputable products on Amazon, but be aware that you may be disappointed. You won’t receive a quality experience from some of them, and the materials they utilize are shoddy if you’re on a budget. That so, it’s not accurate to say that they’re all horrible.

Several companies aim to provide the greatest possible experience for their customers while keeping costs down. We can’t promise they’ll be as fantastic as our top choices, but they deserve some recognition.

When it comes to rocking chairs that are low to the ground, X Rocker is king. Even though they belong to the gaming chair category, they are distinct from the norm in that they are designed to be used on the floor rather than in the style of a standard desk chair. Using them for PC gaming is likewise impractical. To use a mouse would be awkward. These are some things to think about if you’re a console player on the market for a cheap gaming chair. If it doesn’t work for you, try one of our other suggestions.

Chair for Gamers with GT Force Technology

Amazon UK is selling the GTForce gaming chair.

You can get the YSSOA gaming chair on

We’ve done our due diligence on the GTForce gaming chair, which holds its own in the low-priced chair market.

It includes a terrific reclining option in case you want to catch some Zs while watching your favorite streamers, and a handy footrest that swings out from below. The faux leather and general construction hold up well during repeated use by young children, adults, and the elderly.

The GTForce gaming chair is a good choice if you want to feel like you own a gaming chair without really spending too much money. See our second choice for a similarly priced, budget gaming chair if you live in the United States, where distribution of these chairs seems to have been discontinued on Amazon.

Keep in mind that cheap gaming chairs aren’t going to be the greatest thing for you, so it’s worth it to spend a little more on a model that will last longer and provide more comfort if you intend to use it for lengthy periods of time.

Characteristics that stand out:

Easily portable stool

Adaptable armrests

Price that belies its opulent appearance


In fact, the footstool is a brilliant invention.

Quite a bit of a slouch

Soft, supportive cushions


Can seem underwhelmingly expensive when compared to alternatives.

Be careful not to lean forward too much on the footstool, unless you’re trying to replicate an Angry Birds level.

Tacky armrests.

Nimbus X Rocker X

Beanbags that rock, or “X Rockers,”

Cloud-shaped beanbag with a Nimbus framework

the X-ball beanbag

OK, you’ve got us fooled. You can’t call this a chair, but it sure beats sitting on the floor. We can’t in good conscience encourage someone older than twenty to sit in one of those X Rocker chairs, which are often associated with the floor and have no sides.

The Nimbus, on the other hand, is more of a gaming beanbag than a chair. Anyone may relax in one for less than a hundred dollars, and they’re widely available. While impractical for anybody using a personal computer, this is perfect for console players who want to immerse themselves in the action as much as they enjoy the gorgeous beans. If you’re a parent, you may want to think about this as well for your younger children since you won’t be able to locate a suitable gaming chair for them until they’ve finished growing.

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Characteristics that stand out:

has a backrest for lounging comfort

Side storage compartment for small items.


Ideal for slumbering on while playing video games

Because of the back support, you won’t have to worry about straining any muscles.

Outstanding value for the money.


Definitely not in the same league as a dedicated gaming chair.

Lacking in durability

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